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Animo Repository Guide: Logging in to Your Account

Animo Repository Access

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My Account

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Enter Your My.LaSalle Credentials


View and Manage Your Account


Account Creation and Management


Go to Animo Repository or click on this link to access your account. 

  • From the Animo Repository home page, find and click the "My Account" link in the top navigation bar, at right.
  • This will take you to the Animo Repository login page.
  • Enter your My.LaSalle credentials and you will be redirected to your My Account.


Manage Your Account

Once you are logged in, you can do a number of things from the "My Account" home screen. From this screen, you can:

  • Create saved searches and sign up for email alerts when content matching your criteria is added
  • Sign up for monthly readership reports on the content you have submitted (Research Alerts)
  • Access your Author Dashboard (for more information on the Author Dashboard, please see below)
  • View the status of content you have submitted


Author Dashboard

Under "My Account," you'll see a link to your Author Dashboard. This allows you to view detailed information about the works you have authored in Animo Repository. Please note that the Dashboard may take a moment to load, since it's pulling in global readership information. The types of metrics you can view from the Dashboard include:

  • Your readership numbers, parsed by individual content (eg, article) and overall, for whatever time period you specify
  • The geographical distribution of your readership, complete with maps
  • The type of institutions that are accessing your scholarship (educational, governmental, commercial, etc)
  • All of these individual reports can be downloaded or shared, or you can share a snapshot of your entire Dashboard by sending a guest link