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Animo Repository Guide: Withdraw / Delete Submission

Withdraw / Delete Submission

[1] Open another tab and go to‚Äč and click the My Account link on the top-right side of the page. 



[2] Enter your My.Lasalle login credentials, check the box before the I'm not a robot, and then click the [Login] button.


[3] Once logged in, your account information page will be displayed, and then, click the title of your submission. 


[4] Click the Withdraw thesis/dissertation link on the left side of the Author's View Submission page. 


[5] Select the Yes, withdraw it link to confirm the deletion or withdrawal of your submission. Otherwise, click the No, do not withdraw it link.


[6] A confirmation message will appear on your screen. 


For further help, you may Chat with LORA or send an email to