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Animo Repository Guide: Author Submissions

How to Submit Your Work

The following are the steps in author submission in Animo Repository:


[1] Go to and click the Submit Research link on the left sidebar under the Submissions section. 

[2] The Submit Your Research page will appear on your screen. Select the appropriate department from the list. For example, you are an undergraduate student from the Accountancy Department and will submit your thesis, click the Accountancy Department Bachelor's Thesis link from the list. 

[3] Enter your My.Lasalle login credentials, check the box before the I'm not a robot, and then click the [Login] button.

[4] Carefully read the submission agreement and click the check the box before the Please check this if you agree to the above terms and then click the Continue button. The signed submission consent form need not be included in the preliminary pages of the ETD final version, but must be uploaded as a separate/supplementary file


[5] Fill out the submission form. Read and follow the instructions on the online form. Do not leave empty fields.

[6] Upload the final and complete version of your thesis/dissertation in PDF format from your computer. When saving the entire copy of your thesis/dissertation, use the file name format PublicationYear_Surname_FileDescription. For example, 


The final ETD version must include but not limited to the following:

  • Approval sheet (do not redact)
  • ETD submission consent form (do not redact)
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgments
  • Table of contents
  • Lists of figures and tables
  • Introduction
  • Review of related literature
  • Theoretical framework
  • Materials and methodology
  • Results and discussion
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • List of references
  • Appendices

[7] For supplemental files such as sound or video clips, image files, etc. that must also be submitted, first check the box next to Please check this if you’d like to add additional files and then click the Submit button. Also, upload each chapter of your ETD as a separate file. When saving each chapter, use the file name format 









Important note:

  • Submitting zipped and/or compressed files is discouraged but may be used if a dataset is too large or contains many individual files.
  • All submissions must be virus-free.

[8] Then, click the Continue button. A confirmation message will then appear on your screen. 

[9] To check the status of your submission, click the My Account link. Then, your My Account page will appear on your screen. You will also receive a confirmation receipt via DLSU email. 


For further help, you may Chat with LORA or send an email to

Reasons to Submit Your Work

With Animo Repository, you can:

  • REACH wider audiences globally as access to your work is greatly expanded.
  • DEMONSTRATE your research impact with monthly usage statistics provided by Bepress.
  • ARCHIVE your scholarly and creative work, so that you know where you can always find it.  

Who can submit their works?

As of the moment, faculty members of the De La Salle University can submit their scholarly outputs in Animo Repository.