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Client-server Computing: Home


Use for:

         Servers (Computers)

Norrower term:

  • Directory Services (Computer Network Technology)
  • Gopher Servers
  • Internet Relay Chat
  • Netcentric Computing
  • Web Servers


Broader term:

         Distributed Computer Systems



Client-server Computing

Scope Note

Client/server computing is a distributed computing model in which client applications request services from server processes. Clients and servers typically run on different computers interconnected by a computer network. Any use of the internet, such as information retrieval from the World Wide Web is an example of client-server computing. However, the term is generally applied to systems in which an organization runs programs with multiple components distributed among computers in a network. The concept is frequently associated with enterprise computing which makes the computing resources of an organization available to every part of it’s operation. (Source: Encyclopedia of Computer Science. QA 76.15 E5 2000, Reference Section, 2nd floor)

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