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Computer network security: Home


Used for:

  • Computer networks - Security measures
  • Network security
  • Network security, Computer
  • Security of computer networks

Narrower term:

  • Acceptable use policies (Computers)
  • Computer network protocol security measures
  • Defense in depth (Computer security)
  • Extranet security measures
  • Firewalls (Computer security)
  • Honeypots (Network security)
  • Intranet security measures
  • Intrusion detection systems (Computer security)
  • IPSEC (Computer network protocol)
  • Key agreement protocols (Computer network protocols) 
  • Local area network security measures
  • Radius (Computer network protocol)
  • Remote access network security measures
  • Website security measures

Broader term:

  • Computer security

Related Term:

  • Byzantine agreement protocols (Computer network protocols)
  • Computer networks
  • Data encryption
  • Digital signatures
  • Information technology security measures
  • Light-out management
  • Public Key cryptography
  • Remote access networks


Computer Network Security

Scope Note

Here are entered works on the actions taken to secure computer networks in general. Use only if a narrower term does not apply (e.g., "Firewalls (Computer security)"). Works on the methods and systems used to secure data from deliberate unauthorized access, through which the data becomes vulnerable to modification, disclosure, or destruction are entered under "Data security. - scope notes from EBSCOhost

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