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Suicide: Home


Used for:

  • Killing oneself
  • Self-killing

Narrower term:

  • Assisted suicide
  •   Copycat suicide
  •   Mass suicide
  •   Rational suicide
  •   Self-immolation
  •   Self-poisoning
  •   Seppuku
  •   Suicide bombings
  •   Suicide by cop
  •   Suicide notes
  •   Suicide pacts
  •   Suicide terrorism
  •   Widow suicide

Broader term:

  •   Causes of death
  •   Death
  •   Homicide
  •   Offenses against the person
  •   Suicidal behavior
  •   Suicidal ideation
  •   Violent deaths

Related Term:

  •   Hanging (Death)
  •   Power over life & death
  •   Right to die
  •   Sallekhana
  •   Suicide in art
  •   Suicide in literature
  •   Suicide in motion pictures
  •   Suicide prevention
  •   Suicide statistics
  •   Violence






Scope Note

Here are entered general works on the intentional killing of one's self. Use only if a narrower term does not apply (e.g., "Assisted suicide" or "Suicide bombings"). [EPC]

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