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Philippine historiography: Home


Used for: 

  • Historical criticism
  • History—Authorship
  • History—Criticism
  • History—Historiography

Broader term:

  • Authorship

Narrower terms:

  • Annales school
  • Diplomatics
  • Eurasian school
  • History—Methodology
  • History—Sources—Publishing
  • Local history
  • Marxian historiography
  • Military history
  • Motion pictures in historiography
  • National socialism and historiography
  • Nationalism and historiography
  • Naval history
  • Photography in historiography
  • Psychohistory
  • Video tapes in historiography

Related terms:




Philippine Historiography


Scope Note

Here are entered works on historiography as a branch of learning. This heading may be divided geographically for works on this branch of learning in a  specific place. Works on the historiography of particular regions, countries, cities, etc. are entered under the name of the place subdivided by Historiography.

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