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Translating and interpreting: Websites and Web Videos


Peritus Precision Translations, Inc.
[Retrieved on December 8, 2008]

“This websites offers translation services in more than 30 languages using certified, native speakers who are selected for assignments based on direct experience within a subject area.”

Institute of Translating and Interpreting
[Retrieved on December 8, 2008]

Established in 1986 as independent professional association of practicing translators and interpreters, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting is
regarded as one of the primary sources of information offering translation services to government, industry, and even to media and the general public
as well. Likewise, it also provides professional guidance and advice to those persons who are engaged in language services.

NOTIS : About Translating and Interpreting
[Retrieved on December 8, 2008]

This websites publishes information specifically designed to "foster positive public perception of translation and interpretation services".

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