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Study and Teaching of Physics: Websites and Web Videos


American Association of Physics Teachers
[Retrieved September 26, 2006]
The organization’s goal is to ensure the dissemination of knowledge of physics, particularly by way of teaching. It helps in learning more about traditional and new teaching methods using modern technology to entice students with the wonders of science.

Institute of Physics
[Retrieved September 26, 2006]
Aimed at those interested in the teaching and learning of physics in schools and colleges. Information includes the Institute’s latest curriculum development initiatives, resource links and support networks.

Online Physics Tutorial : Learn Physics Today
[Retrieved September 26, 2006]
An online physics tutorial developed by Keiji Oenoki, Kazushi Oenoki, Hector Judez, Hyun Ku Cho, and John Lakatos at Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt in Lima, Peru.

Physics Education/Presentations
[Retrieved September 26, 2006]
Contains presentations in physics education and the different research groups of universities. Also provides professional organizations, resources for teaching physics and other related links.

Physics Teaching Technology Resource 
[Retrieved September 26, 2006]
Provides examples of experiments that can be used in class or for homework for the students to observe physical phenomena, collect data, analyze data, build models and test their predictions.

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