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Study and Teaching of Biology: Theses and Dissertations


  • An assessment of the impact of values integration in the teaching of college Biology for the non-science students at Saint Paul College of Quezon City. Bartolome, Carmen Figueroa. 1992. TG-02047
  • Cognitive acceleration through thinking science program in general Biology among college freshmen at the University Of Southern Mindanao.2002. Garcia, May Eva Z. TG-03250
  • The development and evaluation of a CAI power point presentation in Biology on the concept of genetics. 2001. Martinez-Belmi, Rosario U. . TG-03205
  • Development and evaluation of computer-based lectures for General Biology.2001. Divina, Cynthia Cervero. TG-03184
  • Development and formative evaluation of computer-assisted instruction on selected topics in General Biology. 1999. Hojilla, Ma. Elena Bernadette Pardo . TG-03006
  • Development and validation of an innovative achievement test in College Biology. 1990. Rubenecia, Nestor L. . TG-1790
  • Development and validation of modules for teaching photosynthesis in College Biology. 1999.Fernandez, Stella Guartero TG-03003
  • The effects of various laboratory teaching methods on students' achievement in Biology. 1990.Carvajal, Alberto C. TG-1749
  • Status of the Bachelor of Secondary Education Programs Major In Biology offered by selected institutions in the National Capital Region, SY 1994-1995. 1994. Hadji Raof Laidan, Zenaida P. TG-02327
  • The use and effect of concept mapping heuristic in facilitating learning of varying ability groups in college introductory Biology. San Juan, Asuncion V. 1990. TG-1793

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