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Educational technology: Home


Used for :

  • Education Technology

Narrower Term :

  • Instructional Technology

Related Terms :

  • Audiovisual aids
  • Audiovisual communications
  • Audio-visual education
  • Computer managed instruction
  • Computer oriented programs
  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • Computers and literacy
  • Cybernetics
  • Distance education
  • E learning
  • Early childhood education -- Computer-assisted instruction
  • Education -- Computer network resources.
  • Education -- Data processing
  • Education -- Information services
  • Education -- Technological innovations
  • Education, Higher -- Computer-assisted instruction.
  • Educational equipment
  • Educational media
  • Educational resources
  • High technology and education
  • ICT in education
  • Instructional design
  • Instructional development
  • Instructional improvement
  • Instructional materials centers
  • Instructional systems
  • Intelligent tutoring systems
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Internet in education
  • Internet in higher education
  • Media programs (Education)
  • Mobile communication systems in education
  • Multimedia teaching
  • Open learning
  • Programmed instruction
  • Special education -- United States -- Computer-assisted instruction
  • Teachers -- Effect of technological innovations on -- Asia
  • Teaching -- Aids and devices
  • Teaching innovations
  • Teaching machines
  • Technological literacy
  • Web-based instruction




Educational Technology

Scope Note

Here are entered works on "the disciplined application of scientific principles and theoretical knowledge to support and enhance human learning and performance." [Quoted from: Handbook of research on educational communications and technology. LB1028.3 H39 2008]

"Systematic identification, development, organization, or utilization of educational resources and/or the management of these processes--occasionally used in a more limited sense to describe the use of equipment-oriented techniques or audiovisual aids in educational settings."

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