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Special Education: Home


Use for:

  • Exceptional children - Education

Related terms:

  • Attention Deficit Disordered Children – Education
  • Autistic children – Education
  • Blind – Education
  • Children with disabilities – Education
  • Deaf – Education
  • Exceptional children – Education
  • Gifted children – Education
  • Handicapped children – Education
  • Hearing impaired – Education
  • Learning disabilities
  • Learning disabled children – Education
  • Mentally handicapped – Education

Broader term:

  • Education



Special Education

Scope Note

Here are entered general works on the theories and practice of education meant to meet the needs of disabled or gifted individuals who have intellectually, physically, emotionally, or socially different characteristics from those who can be taught through normal methods or materials. (Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings)

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