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Philippine Literary Writers/Authors

Scope Note

This webliography consists of selected biographical websites and web pages of well known Philippine Literary/Authors. Entries are arranged alphabetically by Philippine Literary Writers/Authors.

Internet Sites

Francisco Arcellana
[Retrieved April 1, 2019]

This page contains a brief background of Francisco Arcellana’s educational background. It introduces the reader with his significant contributions to the development of Philippine literature.

Virgilio S. Almario
[Retrieved April 1, 2019]

Also known as Rio Alma, this site describes him as a poet, literary historian and critic and the country's premier poet writing in Filipino.

N. V. M. Gonzales
[Retrieved April 1, 2019]

This site contains the biography and work of National Artist of the Philippines for Literature.

Amado V. Hernandez
[Retrieved April 1, 2019]

This site of Amado V. Hernandez contains an account of his personal, educational and literary contribution to the development of Philippine literature.

Nick Joaquin
[Retrieved April 1, 2019]

This site contains Nick Joaquin’s life story as poet, fictionist, essayist, biographer and playwright. It includes an account of his educational background and a list of his published books and the awards and prizes he received.

Francisco Sionil Jose
[Retrieved April 1, 2019]

Called as Philippine national treasure, this site describes how F. Sionil Jose was introduced to literature and eventually wrote short stories and novels where he has been awarded with numerous fellowships and prestigious awards.

Bienvenido Lumbera
[Retrieved April 1, 2019]

This site contains links to Dr. Lumbrera's life, his writings, interviews, write-ups and photo gallery.

Alejandro R. Roces
[Retrieved April 1, 2019]

This site provides a short account of Alejandro Roces as a dramatist, essayist and author. It contains his education, works, achievements and career.
[Retrieved April 4, 2019]

This site contains a brief biography and literary works of Alejandro Roces, a fictionist and essayist who "promoted the application of the arts not only in the service of education and development but also in the fostering of social consciousness and the transformation of a Filipino society".

Carlos P. Romulo
[Retrieved April 4, 2019]

This site contains an account of Carlos P. Romulo as an author and the foremost diplomat of the Philippines. It provides a timeline from his birth to his death.

Edith L. Tiempo
[Retrieved April 4, 2019]

This site contains the biography and works of Edith L. Tiempo, who was a poet, fictionist, teacher, literary critic and considered as one of the finest Filipino writers in English. 

Jose Garcia Villa
[Retrieved November 06, 2008]

A consummate artist in poetry and in person as well, this page contains an account of Jose Garcia Villa’s family and educational background. It also contains a partial list of his published books.


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