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Philippine Artists (Cinema)

Scope Note

This webliography consists of selected biographical web pages and articles about Filipino artists in the field of Cinema.

Internet Sites

Ismael Bernal
[Retrieved February 16, 2010]

An established innovative and intelligent filmmaker, this article describes the life of Ishmael Bernal as a feminist director and a tireless and committed educator. Winning the URIAN for best director four times, this article also includes some of his other awards and notable films.

Lino Brocka
[Retrieved February 16, 2010]

Considered as the most prominent Filipino filmmaker, this article provides a descriptive account of Lino Brocka’s contribution in the field of filmmaking in the Philippines.

Manuel Conde
[Retrieved April 3, 2019]

Described as a great Philippine cinema director, this article contains a brief account of Manuel Conde’s early life and education, his film career and list of his works as a director, an actor, a producer and as a writer.

Gerardo De Leon
[Retrieved April 3, 2019]

This is from wikipeida which contains his biography and list of his films.

Fernando Poe, Jr.,_Jr.
[Retrieved February 16, 2010]

This article contains an account of the early life, acting career, presidential bid, personal life, legacy and a list of selected films of Fernando Poe, Jr., who was awarded as the Philippine National Artist in 2006.

Eddie S. Romero
[Retrieved April 3, 2019]

This article contains a short account of Eddie Romero's contribution as screenwriter, film director and producer in the art and commerce of cinema in the Philippines.                                                                                    [Retrieved April 3, 2019]

This article is about the death of our National Artist.