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Women's Studies: Home


Women's Studies

Scope Note

Curriculum or subject area encompassing the history and contemporary social, political, and cultural situation of women.
Source:Australian Thesaurus of Education Descriptors

Internet Sites

Ateneo Library of Women's Writings 

"The Ateneo Library of Women's Writings (ALIWW) is an archival facility, constituting a special collection, within the Rizal Library of the Ateneo de Manila University. The principal mission of ALIWW is the collection of writings by and about Filipino women in all areas, for the purpose of promoting their circulation among contemporary readers, as well as preserving these for posterity.

Collective Journeys : Directory of Womens Information, Communication and Resoruce Centres Asia and the Pacific. 

"Collective Journeys is an online project that aims to: document the history of women's information and communication organisations and the roles they played vis-a-vis the women and other social movements; and collate and highlight innovative works of women's information and communication organisations in supporting and strengthening women's movements focusing on southern formations."

Gabriela Network.

"GABRIELA Network is a Philippine-US women's solidarity mass organization. GABNet provides the means by which Filipinas in the US can empower themselves, functions as training ground for women's leadership, and articulates the women's point of view. GABNet effects change through organizing, educating, fundraising, networking, and advocacy."

The National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women

"Site of Philippine machinery for the Advancement of Women. Contains downloadable articles, news and papers about Filipino women."

Philippines : Women's Studies Bibliography

"Contains list of bibliographies, directories, general works, biographies, articles, websites and online databases about women's studies in the Philippines."

PILIPINA : Ang Kilusan ng Kababaihang Pilipino

"Its objective is to seek explicit recognition of the women question in social development work. To them, enhancing women's participation and integrating the gender perspective in the struggle for social transformation was a necessary step towards improving the lives of women, especially those coming from the grassroots."

St. Scholastica's College : The Institute of Women's Studies

"It aims to awaken a consciousness to and provide an understanding of the woman question through a strategy of formal (institutional) and non-formal alternative education; and engage in research and study on gender issues, and projects that uphold the cause of women; and conduct outreach programs that serve women outside the formal educational institution."

University of the Philippines Center for Women's Studies

"The center is a system-wide unit under the Office of the President of the University of the Philippines. It coordinates the Women�s/Gender Studies programs and some service facilities (i.e. crisis counseling and Kalinga Day Care) of the seven campuses in Manila, Diliman, Baguio, Los Banos, the Visayas, Open University and Mindanao."

Feminism and Women's Studies

"This welcome page is used to introduce you to the Feminism and Women's Studies site."

Global List of Women's Organisations

"Provides a thorough listing of international women's organizations."

John F. Kennedy School of Government Faculty Research Working paper Series

"Provides access to the full text of all working papers published by the John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University since 1995. They cover a wide range of political and public administration topics including : political communication, the relationship between the church and the state, international relations, comparative politics, gender and race and politics, public administration and bureaucracy, American politics, environmental politics and the relationship between the law, courts and the state."

National Women's Studies Association

"NWSA supports and promotes feminist teaching, learning, research, and professional and community service at the pre-K through post-secondary levels and serves as a locus of information about the inter-disciplinary field of Women's Studies for those outside the profession"

The New York Public Library Women's Studies

"This is the most important resource centers for Women's Studies in the United States. The collections consist of vast retrospective holdings relating to women, including manuscript and archival material, as well as a broad range of current Women's Studies materials reflecting new trends and thought on feminist theory and scholarship"

Online Women Politics

"Provides lists of women leaders, documents and organisations by country, documents and statistics by region, statistical information related to female participation in politics, governance and decision-making, information concerning the twelve areas of concern to the Beijing Platform for Action, women's suffrage and miscellaneous resources."

UNIFEM in East and Southeast Asia

"Works with governments, NGOs, community and other organizations, as well as individuals, in East and South East Asia to promote gender equality between women and men and advance the status of women."

WSSLINKS Women and Gender Studies Web Sites

"The purpose of WSSLINKS is to provide access to a wide range of resources in support of Women's Studies."

Women's Studies Database

"The University of Maryland women's studies web site serves those people interested in the women's studies profession and in general women's issues."

Women's Studies Resources

"Contains resources on women's activism, art, communication and media, development -WID, feminist theory, general or mixed, indexes & searches, history, literature, music, sports, etc."

Women's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Sites

"This site is a selective, annotated, highly acclaimed listing of web sites containing resources and information about women's studies / women's issues, with an emphasis on sites of particular use to an academic women's studies program."

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