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Sustainable Development: Home


Sustainable Development

Scope Note

Achieving economic and social goals in ways that can be supported for the long term by conserving resources, protecting the environment, and ensuring human health and welfare.


Internet Sites

Lasallian Institute for the Environment. (LIFE)
[Retrieved June 15, 2007]

Aims to mobilize the Lasallian network in the protection and preservation of the environment.

Palawan Council for Sustainable Development.
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

Contains news and updates about Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD). This council is a multi-sectoral and inter-disciplinary body, which under the law is charged with the governance, implementation and policy direction of the SEP.

Philippine Council for Sustainable Development. Information Exchange and Networking Center.
[Retrieved June 15, 2007]

Assists the Philippine Council for Sustainable Development in the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Philippine Agenda 21. Contains useful links such as the Philippine Agenda 21, laws and issuances and the National Environment Education Action Plan (NEEAP)

Philippine Sustainable Development Network Foundation, Inc.
[Retrieved June 15, 2007]

PSDN Network Foundation Inc. services a distinct group of individuals and organizations that are actively involved in the pursuit of sustainable development by providing easy access to information.

Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) - Accelerating Sustainability.
[Retrieved June 6, 2007]

Dedicated to research, collaboration and outreach which leads to workable solutions for the challenges of urban sustainability. It includes links to news, events, researches and technical documents.

Ecological of Sustainable Development
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

Aims to promote and support programs, services and policies for sustainable development in Australia. It provides links to useful sustainability information.

Encylcopedia of Sustainable Development
[Retrieved June 6, 2007]

A one-stop source of information on sustainable development. It contains links about earth and man, environment, resource society, economy and other useful links pertaining to sustainable development.

Global System for Sustainable Development.
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

Contains links to reports and working papers about sustainable development. It has searchable link, the GSSD knowledge base with an evolving quality controlled and indexed cross-references to some of the best sources and materials on sustainability on the Internet.

International Institute for Sustainable Development
[Retrieved June 6, 2007]

Aside from the definition of sustainable development, this site contains links to glossary and SD Principles database, basics and issues concerning sustainable development, latest news at IISD, IISD publications.

Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future
[Retrieved June 15, 2007]

Contains links to the table of contents of the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development of the UN Documents Cooperation Circles.

SD Gateway
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

Provides an overview of what sustainable development is and why it is important. It contains information about the growing concern for the future of our interlocked ecological and economic systems in a highly populated world that is characterized by major social disparities. The site contains a timeline of sustainable development history, background material on the most important aspects of the concept, and suggestions for further exploration.

Sustainable Development International
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

Contains news and articles, events and related links about sustainable development. Free subscription to its e-newsletter is also available.

Sustainable Development Online
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

A searchable site intended to provide access to significant web sites built by organizations supporting the move towards sustainable development

Sustainable Development : the UK Government's Approaches
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

Provides publications and reports on progress by the UK as a whole towards sustainable development. Also provides free email newsletter.

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Division for Sustainable Development
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

Contains links to publications, periodicals and newsletters about sustainable development. The topics are arranged alphabetically and links related to these topics are available. Occasional papers are also included.

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