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This webliography contains articles, reports, searchable sites and organizations pertaining to stem cell research. Stem cells are of embryonic origin and possess the properties of both self-renewal and differentiation into a wide variety of tissue types.

Internet Sites

[Retrieved November 13, 2008]

"This searchable site of the AAAS Center for Science, Technology and Congress programs contains articles of AAAS Policy Brief: Stem Cell Research."

Advancing Stem Cell Science Without Destroying Human Life Published January 2007 (Updated April 2007)
[Retrieved December 11, 2008]

"This site contains President George W. Bush's policy on stem cell research. It includes links to its Executive Summary, Current Federal Law and Policy on Stem Cell Research and Recent Developments in Non-Embryo-Destructive Stem Cell Research and Therapy."

CRS Report for Congress : Stem Cell Research: Ethical Issues Updated August 25, 2008.
[Retrieved December 11, 2008]

"This is a 25 page Congressional Research Service prepared for members and committees of Congress about the ethical issues of stem cell research."

International Society for Stem Cell Research
[Retrieved November 13, 2009]

Contains links about the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), how to join ISSCR, annual meetings, ISSCR newsletter, affiliated publications, ISSCR leadership and Committees, award programs, events calendar , stem cell resources and news archives.

Opponents of Stem Cell Research Now Face Tough Battle
[Retrieved December 11, 2008]

This is an article from the Christian Post which discusses that ´┐Żopponents of embryonic stem cell research will face a new political reality that many feel powerless to stop.

[Retrieved November 13, 2008]

This site provides an overview of the two general types of stem cells, namely: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. It includes links on its ethical and legal implications, political activity and recent news of the Ontario consultants on religious tolerance.

Stem Cell Information : The National Institutes of Health for Stem Cell Research
[Retrieved November 13, 2008]

This searchable site for stem cell basics includes links to frequently asked questions about stem cells, research topics, federal policy and announcements of the noteworthy developments in stem cell research, conferences and annual meetings, and announcements of NIH funding for stem cell research. it also includes links for it site map and glossary.

Stem cell research: Medical progress with responsibility
[Retrieved December 11, 2008]

Published in April 10, 2007, this downloadable report from the Department of Health in England "summarizes progress to date on policy on stem cell research. It contains links to the following: 1) Stem cell research: medical progress with responsibility 2) Stem cells: the facts 3) Ethical considerations 4) Legal framework 5) Recommendations and conclusions of the expert group 6) Outcomes of the report 7) What happens next? 8) Key milestones in stem cell research.

Stem Cell Research
[Retrieved November 13, 2008]

This is a searchable site for independent news and analysis of stem cell research. It contains links to current headlines, stem cell research news, stem cell business news, stem cell lab world, stem cell links, etc.

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