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This webliography consists of news articles, research papers, and other web resources on Software Architecture.


"The software architecture of a program or computing system is the structure or structures of the system, which comprise software elements, the externally visible properties of those elements, and the relationships among them."


Internet Sites

An Adaptive Software Architecture Model Based on Component-Mismatches Detection and Elimination
[Retrieved November 17, 2009

Written by Shan Tang, Xin Peng, Yiming Lau, Wenyun Zhao and Zhixiong Jiang of Computer Science and Engineering Department, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, this paper proposes an adaptive software architecture model. Based on this model, the authors first analyze and conclude the mismatches among heterogeneous components, and then propose the corresponding solutions to eliminate these mismatches and provide a seamless integration for COTS components.

Business Improvement Through Better Software Architecture
[Retrieved November 17, 2009

Written by Sten and Per Sundblad, this article suggests that software architects must improve their business understanding to help solve the problem of failing to come up with useful software architecture. Business people must also learn how to better communicate to software development teams what they expect from them.

Community Software Architecture Definitions
[Retrieved November 19, 2009

This page from Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute lists definitions that have been contributed by visitors to this website.

An Economic Model for Software Architecture Decisions
[Retrieved November 17, 2009

Written by Paul C. Clements of the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, this presents a simple economic modeling language that has been useful in the realm of software product lines, and argues that a similar language would be equally useful in the realm of architecture decision-making.

From Transience to Persistence in Object Oriented Programming: Architectures and Patterns
[Retrieved November 18, 2009

A position statement for working group on object-oriented programming within the ACM Workshop on Strategic Directions in Computing Research held at MIT, June 14-15, 1996 written by Karl Lieberherr, of the College of Computer Science, Northeastern University Cullinane Hall, Boston

Institute for Software Research
[Retrieved November 19, 2009

A resource of information concerning software architecture, this site from the Institute for Software Research, University of California, Irvine provides information designed to help software engineers and researchers learn how to use software architecture-based technologies effectively.

An Introduction to Software Architecture
[Retrieved November 13, 2009

Written by David Garlan and Mary Shaw of the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University in 1994, this article provides an introduction to the emerging field of software architecture. Six case studies to illustrate how architectural representations can improve an understanding of complex software system were presented.

Microsoft Launches Software Architecture for �Integrated Utility of the Future
[Retrieved November 17, 2009

An article from Microsoft PressPass that announces the development of Microsoft Corp. of a reference based on familiar, cost-effective Microsoft platforms that can serve as the basis for development of the �integrated utility of the future..

Software Architecture
[Retrieved November 13, 2009

This site contains examples of case studies on software architecture written by different authors from the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Melon.

Software Architecture: a Roadmap
[Retrieved November 19, 2009

This paper was written by David Garlan of the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. "It examines some of the important trends of software architecture in research and practice, and speculates on the important emerging trends, challenges, and aspirations.
[Retrieved November 19, 2009 is the web's premier resource for practitioners in the field of Software Architecture. It contains a wealth of up-to-date information including industry best practices, advice from thought leaders, methodology, examples, and templates.

Software Architecture in the New Economy
[Retrieved November 17, 2009

Written by Joao P. Reginatto, this article discusses the increasing importance of reliability, availability, and scalability for enterprise software applications that automate core business processes.

Software Architecture and Related Concerns
[Retrieved November 13, 2009

This article provides a definition of software architecture and explains the structures in creating architectures.

Quality Models to Design Software Architecture
[Retrieved November 13, 2009

This work written by Francisca Losavio, of the Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela discusses several architectural design approaches and proposes a systematic way of specifying the relevant quality attributes involved in the architectural design process by applying an ISO-based approach to quality, the SQUID approach for quality specification, planning, control and evaluation, and the modeling of the software measurement supporting the activities to ensure software quality.

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