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This webliography consists of articles, researches, web pages, and web resources on social media. Social media is the term for employing "mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms via which individuals and communities share, cocreate, discuss, and modify user-generated content." [Source:]

Internet Sites

Engaging Youth in Social Media: Is Facebook the New Media Frontier?

The article focuses on engaging the young people to contribute their thoughts on important societal issues and be engaged in community news through social media. A social media experiment was conducted where two Facebook applications - Hot Dish and The Daily - were developed to find out how young people interact with the news. A summary of findings (on Hot Dish) are enumerated here.

The Essential Guide to Social Media

This 20-page eBook outlines the "social media tools and resources needed to listen and participate, guiding PR, customer service, product development, and marketing". It tackles the impact of social media in business marketing. A chapter devoted to social media as a social science and not totally a technological tool is discussed.

How Blogs and Social Media are Changing Public Relations and the Way it is Practiced

This report is about a three-year international survey that examined the impact of social media tools, such as blogs, on the practice of public relations. At the end of the study, it was found out that social media has dramatically changed the face of public relations -- changing the way organizations communicate and how this new media has encouraged them to respond more quickly to criticisms. Interestingly, this study also revealed that social media and traditional mainstream media complement each other.

Influence and Passivity in Social Media

This study offers a view of what determines the influence and passivity of the users of social media -- specifically Twitter, an online microblogging service -- by proposing an algorithm to measure these. User datasets were used to evaluate the influence measures. Interestingly, the study demonstrated that high popularity in the social network does not equate to high influence and vice-versa.

Learning 2.0: the Impact of Social Media on Learning in Europe

This research, conducted by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), reveals the impact of social media to the learning and teaching opportunities trend in Europe, referred to as Learning 2.0. Two parallel studies were conducted using the triangulation method that yielded results where social media has offered specific opportunities for the four strategic challenges of European Education and Training policies, feasible up until the year 2020.

Let's Talk: Social Media for Small Businesses: Version Two

This "social media 101" eBook intends to help understand social media and how it has changed the face of marketing. A marketing approach infused with social media equates to the 4 Cs - content, context, connection, community. The use of popular social networking sites for business, namely, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln, was discussed at length.

PR and Social Media

This article discusses the factors why PR practitioners of today should carefully give thought about social media in the PR world. With the unprecedented boom of social media, PR practitioners are forced to consider using social media tools in their profession. The challenges posed by social media, including the techniques and campaigns employing the said tool, are discussed here.

A Primer in Social Media

This whitepaper presents an introduction to social media, the successes and failures this new paradigm has injected to organizations that have employed this media. The types of social media, as well as the opportunities it presents to organizations and its potential users are also seen here.

Social Media and the Public Sector

This report offers a view of the public sector organizations' current place in the social technographics ladder. A call for the public sector to seriously consider utilizing social media and other Web 2.0 applications is echoed, as these applications "offer unprecedented opportunities to achieve more simple, user-oriented, transparent, accountable, participative, inclusive, responsive, joined-up, networked, and efficient government".

Social media? Get serious: Understanding the Functional Building Blocks of Social Media

This article presents a study on the social media phenomenon - where Internet consumers of today use the various social media platforms far more than just utilizing the benefits of such a technology. This study presents a framework that thoroughly explains the building blocks of social media and the impact that each block has that firms can take a cue on when they engage with social media.

Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

A background study about social networking sites (SNS), an element of social media, is presented in this paper. A thorough description of the features and a proposed comprehensive definition of SNSs, as well as the history, key changes and significant developments of selected SNSs mentioned here, were also presented.

Teens and Social Media

This is an interesting study of how social media has played a huge role in teen communication these days. It appears that the use of social media tools have become central to many teenagers today -- from creating content to involving social media in their everyday activities.

Users of the World, Unite: the Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media

This article discusses the concept of social media and how it varies from Web 2.0, and other associated concepts. Making the most out of social media by exhausting its profitable gains, and the opportunities social media present to companies are the focus of this study.

Welcome to Social Media: Volume 1, June 2009

This is the first eBook created for and by the Cleveland Social Media Club offering social media tips to its readers. The definition, analysis and evaluation of social media, including the best practices in using its applications, among others, are tackled here.

What is Social Media?

This eBook talks about the impact of social computing for all walks of life. Chapters devoted to the introduction to the concept of social media, how social network works, and the various social media platforms are contained in this edition.

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Compiled by: Christine M. Abrigo 
Date: September 2011