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Scope Note

Refers to the use of another's ideas, information, language, or writing, when done without proper acknowledgment of the original source.

Internet Sites

Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers 
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"Robert Harris presents strategies on how to combat increasing amount of plagiarism on research papers and help encourage students to value the assignment and to do their on works,"

Dealing with plagiarism : using research to develop a holistic approach.
[Retrieved September 19, 2005]
"Plagiarism has long been a focus of regulatory concern in many concern in many higher education institutions. This article talks about commercial electronic software detection packages and how to identify and punish plagiarism once the academic offense has been committed."

Developing a New Approach to Quality Policy on Plagiarism
[Retrieved September 19, 2005]

"To Reduce the incidence of plagiarism the Quality Committee in the University of Southern Queensland's Faculty of Business developed a quality policy focused on assessment design, information literacy education, and redefining what constitutes minor academic misconduct."

IT and Education: Copy Cats
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"An article by Martin Courtney focused on how widespread is palgiarism in the UK's educational establishment, and what can be done to prevent it."

Maintaining Academic Integrity in Online Education
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"This article assumed that cheating and plagiarism are a greater problem online than in traditional class."

Patterns of Plagiarism
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"A new technique being used to analyze how students plagiarize programs in an introductory programming course."

Plagiarism Monitoring and Detection-Towards an Open Discussion. 
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"An article by Edward L. Jones stating that plagiarism in programming courses is a pervasive and frustrating problem that undermines the educational process."

Plagiarism, Norms, and the Limits of Theft Law: Some Observations on the Use of Criminal Sanctions in Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights. 
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"This site is designed to provide the latest information on online plagiarism and explain how Turnitin and iThenticate are now being used by educators and content creators all over the world to fight plagiarism and restore integrity to written work."

Plagiarism and Poor Academic Practice � A Threat to the Extension of e-Learning in Higher Education?
[Retrieved September 19, 2005]

"After an examination of the prevalence of plagiarism and some of the reasons advanced for its increase, the paper examines some solutions which are typically advocated."

The Plagiarism Resource Site, Charlottesville, Virginia. 
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"The goal of this web site is to help reduce the impact of plagiarism on education and educational institutions."

Plagiarism : Something Fishy?...or Just a Fish Out of Water? 
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"Lynn Errey discusses a complex issue on plagiarism stating that plagiarism escalates because of possible changes in the way students are expected to access and process the information they need for their assignments."

Plagiarism in U.S. Higher Education: Estimating Internet Plagiarism Rates and Testing a Means of Deterrence
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"With the recent scandals at several high-profile universities, there has been growing pressure on college administrators from alumni and the general public to combat the problem of plagiarism, particularly Internet plagiarism."

SPLAT : A System for Self-Plagiarism Detection
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"This paper presents a system for self-plagiarism detection, SPLAT. The system uses a WebL spider that crawls through the web sites of the top fifty Computer Science departments, downloading research papers and grouping them by author."

Technical Review of Plagiarism Detection Software Report
[Retrieved September 16, 2005]

"The focus of this Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) funded project concentrated on detecting plagiarism in text-based assignments."

Uni Cheats Racket�: A Case Study in Plagiarism Investigation
[Retrieved September 19, 2005]

"A case review about plagiarism in a school. Such case was investigated in 2001, in which around thirty students appear to have obtained material from a private tutor. Some details were reported in the press during 2003 when a student and the tutor were sentenced in court."

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