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Green Technology

Scope Note

Green technology is defined as "the development and application of products, equipment and systems used to conserve the natural environment and resources, which minimize and reduces the negative impact of human activities."


Internet Sites

7 Wonders of Green Technology: Conceptual and Actual Ecological Designs of the Future
[Retrieved January 17, 2012]

The web site features green architecture and proposes ecological designs for the future such as urban skyscraper farms, floating eco-cities, glowing solar towers, turbine-driven skyscrapers and magnetically levitated wind collectors.

Clean or Green Technology Investing
[Retrieved January 17, 2012]

The article describes Clean Technology as an area that is "constantly evolving and will continue to expand as consumers, public and businesses demand for products and services that are more efficient, environmentally cleaner and cheaper".

Concept of Green Technology: How it All Began
[Retrieved January 17, 2012]

The web site discusses the advantages green technology has to offer in field the of computing industry.

Green Technology: A New Age for Electronics
[Retrieved January 17, 2012]

This article talks about the different fields related to green technology and what they can do for us.

Green Technology
[Retrieved January 17, 2012]

This web site is dedicated to educating readers about green technology including essential issues and trends surrounding this technology. It also contains links to several articles on the same subject.

How to Be Green
[Retrieved January 17, 2012]

This article suggests various ways on how to go green even when you are at home, beginning from making your own cleaning products up to saving money on your water bill.

Introduction to Green Technology
[Retrieved January 17, 2012]

Mary Bellis, the author of the article, briefly discusses most familiar samples of green technology.

Tidbits for the Green-Tech Ignorant
[Retrieved January 17, 2012]

This article provides brief yet useful information for people who are interested as well as for those who are uninterested to know more about green technology. The site also contains links to several articles on the same subject.

The Great Green Technological Transformation
[Retrieved January 24, 2012]

This 2011 edition of the World Economic and Social Survey "highlights the hurdles, and outlines what will be required of governments and the international community as a whole to make the most of available green technologies—and to generate new applications and inventions that meet the needs of countries at different levels of development."

A Feasibility Study on the Application of Green Technology for Sustainable Agriculture Development : Assessing the Policy Impact in Selected Member Countries of ESCAP-APCAEM Countries
[Retrieved January 24, 2012]

The study "attempts to identify gaps in the application of Green Technology and justify their feasibility based on the results from experiments through agricultural and environmental technologies."

What is Green Technology
[Retrieved January 24, 2012]

This is a "comprehensive article on what green technology is about and how we can help our environment by adopting the green technology techniques”. The portal contains links to information on “every aspect of the renewable energy, solar power, non-renewable energies and global warming."

Compiled by: : Yolanda F. Osinada and Jeanyleen Abaya 
Date: January 24, 2012