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Scope Note

Refers to the changes in societies and the world economy that result from dramatically increased international trade and cultural exchange. It describes the increase of trade and investing due to the falling of barriers and the interdependence of countries.


Internet Sites

Globalization and State Capacity: The Philippines 
[Retrieved June 17, 2007]

"Reviews and analyzes Philippine practices and experiences to determine the state's readiness for globalization."

Globalization and Employment: The Impact of Trade on Employment Level and Structure in the Philippines. 
[Retrieved June 17, 2007]

"Presents few empirical estimates of the impact of globalization on employment level and structure using Philippine data."

Globalization, Redemocratization and the Philippine Bureaucracy. 
[Retrieved June 17, 2007:]

"Looks into the impact of globalization on the Philippine bureaucracy in a redemocratizing context."

Globalization (part 1)
[Retrieved June 18, 2007]

"Discusses the Philippine economy, e-commerce, the economics or poverty and inequality, the socio-historical context, land control policies, the stagnant agricultural sector, the export sector, impoverished public sector and accumulation of debt."

Globalization (part 2)
[Retrieved June 18, 2007]

"Focuses the effects of globalization on Asian and Philippines policy, business development, and economic development. It also discussed the historical background of globalization, rooted in neo-liberalism and free market ideology, and the arguments of pro- and anti- globalization adherents."

Globalization of Food Security: Policy Reforms in the Philippines
[Retrieved June 19, 2007]

"Describes the forces that have come to bear on the shaping of food security policy in the Philippines in recent years, and the government's responses to the emerging challenges."

Assessing Globalization's Critics: "Talkers are no Good Doers???."
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

"Criticizes the "doers" of globalization."

Development and Globalization: facts and figures
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

"Presents overview of UNCTAD's work to identify the best policies and practices for developing countries to adopt in their quest for efficient economic and social progress and well-being."

Development Strategies in a Globalizing World
[Retrieved June 13, 2007]

"Provides a synthesis of the work done in the past 10 years by the DGDS on development strategies."

Effects of Financial Globalization on Developing Countries: Some Empirical Evidence.
[Retrieved June 9, 2007]

"Reviews recent empirical evidence, including some new research, on the effects of financial globalization for developing economies."

The Emerging Politics of Globalization
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

"Surveys American voters and includes a special emphasis on over sampled data from the fastest growing areas of the United States, analyzes how voters view globalization's costs and benefits, as well as their attitudes toward public policies that are possible responses to globalization.

Globalization: threat or opportunity?
[Retrieved June 9, 2007]

"Overviews of some aspects of globalization and identify which countries can tap the gains of this process, while remaining realistic about its potential and its risks."

Globalization and the Changing Logic of Collective Action
[Retrieved June 9, 2007]

"Focuses on the development of particular historical matrices or patterns of imbrications between economic-organizational and political-institutional structures."

Globalization, Aggregate Productivity, and Inflation 
[Retrieved June 9, 2007]

"Investigates the effects of globalization on aggregate productivity, output growth, and inflation."

Globalization and Growth in the Twentieth Century 
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

"Reviews the experience of economic growth during the twentieth century with a view to highlighting implications for both growth economists and policy maker."

Globalization Reloaded: An UNCTAD Perspective 
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

"Rejects the characterization of globalization as an autonomous and irresistible process driven by the impersonal forces of the market and technical progress."

GLobalization and the South: Some Critical Issues 
[Retrieved June 12, 2007]

"Examines the implications of some of the main features of the globalization process for developing countries."

Globalization and Economic Convergence: An Assessment 
[Retrieved June 13, 2007]

"Surveys a strong globalization thesis that predicts a direct link from more open trade and investment regimes to faster economic growth in developing countries and income convergence across the global economy."

Globalization, Neoliberalism, and Labour 
[Retrieved June 13, 2007]

"Discusses the issue of globalization from the perspective of employment and labour."

Globalization of R&D and Developing Countries 
[Retrieved June 13, 2007]

"Elaborates key issues related to the trends towards globalization of research and development and their implications for developing countries."

Globalization and Development Revisited in the Light of Asian Experience 
[Retrieved June 13, 2007]

"Analyzes the benefits and risks of participation in the globalization process in light of the development experience of selected countries of East/South-East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea and Thailand)."

Globalization, Liberalization and Sustainable Human Development: Analytical Perspective 
[Retrieved June 13, 2007]

"Discusses the interrelationship between three complementary policy spheres: integration into the global economy and the liberalization of markets; the promotion of fast economic growth; and sustainable human development."

Poverty in an Age of Globalization 
[Retrieved June 9, 2007]

"Reviews empirical evidence on the impact of globalization on poverty, income distribution and vulnerability"

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