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Educational Technology 

image source : "NC Educational Technology Conference", By NC State University, 2013.

Scope Note

     Refers to integrated process involving people, procedures, ideas, devices, and organization, for analyzing problems and devising, implementing, evaluating, and managing solutions to those problems, involved in all aspects of human learning.

Internet Sites

Association for Educational Communications and Technology 
[Retrieved June 4, 2007]

Information site on Accreditation Standards for Programs in Educational Communications and Instructional Technology (ECIT).

Alliance Prototype Distributed Learning Environment : Emerging Technologies for Science, Education, and Business. 
[Retrieved June 4, 2007]

"Summarizes the course evaluation data observations of successes and obstacles as well as outline on how future versions of the emerging technologies course will incorporate lessons learned from this initial course offering and experimental technology."

An Analysis of Instructional Technology Use Constructivist Behaviors in K-12 Teachers. 
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Examines the relationship between teacher perceptions of their constructivist behaviors and their use of technology in their classrooms."

Constructing on Constructivism: The Role of Technology.
[Retrieved June 4, 2007]

"Examines the interrelationship between constructivism and technology as revealed by empirical research"

Educational Technology Research That Makes a Difference: Series Introduction.
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"With this article, CITE Journal introduces a series of examples designed to address one of the central problems of providing useful educational technology research. With this article, CITE Journal introduces a series of examples designed to address one of the central problems of providing useful educational technology research."

Envisioning Effective Technology Integration: A Scenario for English Education Doctoral Programs.
[Retrieved June 4, 2007]

"Presents a scenario describing effective technology integration in doctoral English education."

Factors affecting educational innovationwith in class electronic response systems
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Reports the use of Rogers' diffusion of innovation perspective to understand the factors affecting educational innovation decisions, specifically in regard to class electronic response systems."

Faculty Integration of Technology into Instruction and Students' Perceptions of Computer Technology to Improve Students Learning
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Examines the nature of the relationship between faculty integration of technology into classroom instruction and students perceptions of the effect of computer technology to improve their learning."

Gender differences and computer competency: the effects of a high access computer program on the computer competence of young women.
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Examines the effects of a secondary school technology immersion program on the technological competency of randomly selected male and female secondary school students."

International computer-supported collaborative teamwork in business education: A case stduy and evaluation 
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Describes how a computer-supported collaborative learning project, conducted across several business schools in different countries, was evaluated by the instructors at one of the participating schools."

Identifying influences on attitudes and self-efficacy beliefs towards technology integration among pre-service educators
[Retrieved June 4, 2007]

"Investigates the influences on self-efficacy beliefs toward technology integration among pre-service teachers at two mid-sized public institutions in the Midwest region of the United States."

Learning Visual Literacy through on-line discuassions.
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Focuses on using on-line discussion groups to teach visual literacy."

Strategic Planning of Online Instructional Programs: A Practioner's Perspective 
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Covers a wide spectrum of topics, some of which are specific to educational technology while others venture into the realm of information technology."

Teachers' beliefs about using educational technology in the science classroom 
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Examines the influence of K-12 teachers' beliefs on their intent to use educational technology in their classrooms."

A Technology Snapshot: Teacher Preparation Program and the Local Public Schools 
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Describes the infusion of technology training into a universitys special education program for intern teachers."

Technology Learning Principles for Preservice and In-service Teacher Education 
[Retrieved June 4, 2007]

"Presents a vision for technology integration in teacher education that develops teachers into technology integration, or teachers who thoughtfully choose to integrate technology when it supports students subject matter learning."

Technology Integration: Connections to Educational Theories 
[Retrieved June 4, 2007]

"Provide insight into ways in which the education department at OSU-M integrates technology and the educational theories that provide reasons for that integration."

Use of a Model for Information Technology Education 
[Retrieved June 5, 2007]

"Presents a newly developed theoretical model for planning and evaluation of educational process at all levels of education."