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     This webliography consists of articles, researches, web pages, and web resources on disaster management in the Philippines. Disaster management is the the "actions taken by an organization in response to unexpected events that are adversely affecting people or resources and threatening the continued operation of the organization". 

     Disaster management "includes the development of disaster recovery plans, for minimizing the risk of disasters and for handling them when they do occur, and the implementation of such plans. Disaster management usually refers to the management of natural catastrophes such as fire, flooding, or earthquakes". 

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Disaster Management in the Philippines

In this video, disaster risks in the Philippines are shown and information about government agencies and oganizations formed in the Philippines for disaster management are discussed  by Jonathan Thomas. 

Internet Sites

Activities of Volunteers in Disaster management in the Philippines and their problems 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     "Here are presented the varied activities and problems of volunteers in the various phases of disaster management in the Philippines".

Centre for Disaster Preparedness 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     This website of the Center for Disaster Preparedness "promotes Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM), facilitates interactive learning and discourse on disaster risk management, and advocates for policies and programs that protect the environment and mitigate disaster risk through its various programs and services in training, consultancies, interactive fora, research and publication, networking and advocacy, through developmental and participatory principles and methodologies".

Community Based Disaster Management in the Philippines : Making a Difference in People's Lives 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     This paper highlights the "features, processes, components, and gains of a community based disaster management (CBDM) as showcased by good practices in community based preparedness and mitigation of key organizations involved in the Philippine Disaster Management Forum".

Disaster Management in Southeast Asia 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     This publication on the "Overview of Disaster Management in Selected Southeast Asian Countries shares with key stakeholders the current state of disaster management in the DIPECHO (Disaster Preparedness Echo) target countries of Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Philippines and Vietnam. Examples of good practice from these countries are cited. Selected innovative community-based initiatives are also presented to demonstrate the benefits of mitigation and preparedness to development. The country section presents a broad overview of the hazards that threaten these countries, their vulnerabilities, and their capacities to reduce these vulnerabilities".

Disaster Management Service 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     This site contains information on how to prepare for disasters and how to respond to them in terms of relief and rescue operations.

Disaster Preparedness and Management innovations in the Philippines 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     This document deals with how a "Philippine disaster response center focuses its efforts in preparing both "less vulnerable" and "most vulnerable" sectors in coping with and getting over disasters via education. The "experience also shows the efficiency of relying more on community folk's own talents, skills and resources in disaster preparation, mitigation and rehabilitation".

Emergency Disaster Hotlines 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     This webpage lists "hotlines that you can call for disaster emergency situations in the Philippines, especially urgent rescue and relief needs".

Help for Typhoon Ondoy Victims in the Philippines 
[Retrieved October 24, 2009]

     This site "compiles relevant information about the disaster caused by typhoon Ondoy, including a volunteer-maintained map of persons needing rescue and a list of relief organizations accepting donations".

History of Disaster Management in the Philippines 
[Retrieved October 24, 2009]

     This webpage presents the history of Disaster Management in the Philippines from the Commonwealth era to 1978.

The National Disaster Management Program 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

This publication on the Philippine disaster management program focuses on "disaster preparedness, organization and training, construction of disaster reduction facilities, disaster response and rehabilitation, public information, and research and development".

Natural Disaster Risk Management in the Philippines : Enhancing Poverty Alleviation Through Disaster Reduction 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     The primary audience of this report is the Government, at all levels, the donor community and stakeholders involved in disaster management. The paper "document the impacts of natural disasters on the social and economic development of the Philippines; assesses the country's current capacity to reduce and manage disaster risk; and identify options for a more effective management of that risk.

Philippines: Disaster Risk Management Act, 2009 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     This website presents the "Philippine Disaster Risk Management Act", introduced by the Committee on National Defense and Security at the Fourteenth Congress of the Republic of the Philippines Second Regular Session". The act is "intended to strengthen Philippine disaster management capability by institutionalizing the national disaster risk management framework to decrease disaster vulnerability, increase capability for recovery, and enhance over-all resilience to disasters".

Philippines: Natural Disaster Risk Management in the Philippines 
[Retrieved October 23, 2009]

     This report of the World Bank "seeks to document the impacts of natural disasters on the social and economic development of the Philippines; assess the country's current capacity to reduce and manage disaster risk; and identify options for more effective management of that risk".

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