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Multiple Intelligence: Websites and Web Videos


Education World � - Curriculum: Multiple Intelligences: A Theory for Everyone 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences makes people think about IQ, about being smart. The theory is changing the way some teachers teach. Included: Gardner has now identified an eighth intelligence!

An Explanation of Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences (MI) 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Find out what learning styles are all about and assess your own learning style/MI.

Exploring Multiple Intelligences : New Dimensions of Learning 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
A practical overview of the theory of multiple intelligences (includes personal exercises for tapping your own multiple intelligences), MI training opportunities, a listing of written, audio, and video resources, and links to other MI implementation.

Gardner, Howard Earl - Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology   
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Profiles the American psychologist, educator and creator of theory of multiple intelligence.

Howard Gardner's Seven Types of Intelligence 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Psychologist Howard Gardner identified seven distinct types of intelligence. They are listed here with respect to gifted / talented children.

LDRC - Home - Projects - Multiple Intelligence Inventory 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Complete the Multiple Intelligence Inventory to discover your strengths and weakness, learning styles, and see how you compare with others.

MI : The Theory 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Contains articles about Howard Gardner’s seven faculties, which he labeled as “intelligences”.

Multiple Intelligence Profiles 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Features intelligence strength, best learning style, Verbal – Linguistic reading, writing, telling stories, memorizing dates, thinking in words, reading, hearing and seeing words speaking, writing, discussing, and debating

Multiple Intelligences 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
This page provides general background information about the theory of multiple intelligences, practical strategies for using the theory in learning and teaching, and resources for further study.

Multiple Intelligences Immersion 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Investigate a plethora of information about Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory. Includes details about all eight intelligence criteria.

New York - Theatre In Motion 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Bases its educational theater workshops and shows on the theory of Multiple Intelligences. Consists of artists with and without disabilities.

TIP: Theories 
[Retrieved November 24, 2010]
Multiple Intelligences (H. Gardner) Overview . The theory of multiple intelligences suggests that there are a number of distinct forms of intelligence that each individual possesses in varying degrees. Gardner proposes seven primary forms.

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