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Dr. Anthony SF Chiu

Scope Note

     This webliography consists of articles, papers, researches and postings done by Dr. Anthony SF Chiu which are accessible on the net.

     Dr. Anthony Shun Fung Chiu is a graduate of Doctor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at De La Salle University - Manila. He finished his Master of Engineering Major in Industrial Engineering at Asian Institute of Technology -- Bangkok.

     Dr. Anthony Shun Fung Chiu has been interested in the field of sustainable development, specifically on the industrial engineering�s role in SD where he where he had experience since 1999 in the areas of cleaner production, sustainable consumption, eco-industrial development, and emergency response system in industry. He is currently a full time professor at the College of Engineering, De La Salle University-Manila. He also served as adjudicator in the government, all involved in environmental issues. He is a Board Member, Pollution Adjudication Board, Department of Environment and Natural Resources Editor-in-chief, Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers Journal and Asian Editor, Progress in Industrial Ecology - An International Journal (Inderscience).


Internet Sites

Eco-industrial development in Asian industrial estates
[Retrieved July 29, 2009]

Deals with the description of industrial ecology applied in the environmental management of the industrial estates and demonstrate some up-to-date key features in Asian eco-industrial initiatives.

Eco-industrial networking in Asia
[Retrieved September 19, 2007:]

Presents the Eco-Industrial Networking in Asia where various components of developing an eco-industrial network, networking concept, approaches and an overview of selected Asian Eco Industrial Development are included.

Eco-industrial park development : initiatives in Asia Pacific.
[Retrieved September 19, 2007]

Discusses the initiatives of the eco-industrial park development in Asia Pacific Region citing the approaches of the various development started by the developing countries and the strong support from the industry or government of developed economies in the region.

strong>Post-20014 development in EIP activities in Asia Pacific {PowerPoint presentation}
[Retrieved September 19, 2007]

A power point presentation of the "Post-20014 development in EIP activities in Asia Pacific" conducted during the 2nd International EIP Conference KITECH KNCPC on November 4, 2004 in Korea. One of the presentation�s objectives is to provide background reference resources to the EIP researchers and project practitioners in the field.

The Relationship of continuous improvement and cleaner product ion on operational performance : an empirical study in electronic manufacturing firms, Taiwan, China.
[Retrieved September 19, 2007]

Published by World Academic Press, World Academic, this paper was written by Ming-Lang Tseng1, Anthony SF Chiu2, Yuan-Hsu Lin3 and Jiu-Hsiang Chinag. It investigates the effects of continuous improvement and cleaner production on operational performance. A conceptual model is developed and three research hypotheses are empirically examined using structural equation modeling.