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Existentialism: Home


Used For :

  • Existenzphilosophie

Broader Terms :

  • Ontology
  • Phenomenology
  • Philosophy, Modern
  • Self

Related Terms :

  • Epiphanism
  • Relationism

Narrower Terms :

  • Christianity and existentialism
  • Concrete (Philosophy)
  • Existential ethics
  • Existential phenomenology
  • Existential psychology



Scope Note

Existentialism is the philosophy that places emphasis on individual existence, freedom, and choice. Existentialism stresses the individuality of existence, and the problems that arise with said existence. Because there is so much diversity in the philosophy of existentialism, a concrete definition is hard to put down. Certain themes are common to almost all existential writing, which helps mark the writing as such. The term itself suggests one major theme, the stress on concrete, individual existence, and on subjectivity, individual freedom and choice. [Quoted from:].

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