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Information Literacy Campaign of the DLSU Libraries


IamInfoSMART: DLSU's Information

Literacy Program


In response to PAASCU recommendation on “creative awareness about the availability of the user education program to other research-oriented classes,” the DLSU Libraries launched its Information Literacy Campaign, dubbed as IamInfoSMART: Making Every Lasallian Information Literate in November 2013 to foster the development of information literate students in pursuit of lifelong learning.

The information literate DLSU student must have the ability to:

“(1) recognize the need for information and determine the nature and extent of the information needed; (2) find needed information effectively and efficiently; (3) critically evaluate information and the information seeking process; manage information collected or generated; (4) apply prior and new information to construct new concepts or create new understandings; and, (5) use information with understanding and acknowledge cultural, ethical, economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information” (ARCL, 2000).


The IamInfoSMART aims to:

  • Promote the teaching of information literacy as part of user education program of the DLSU Libraries
  • Raise awareness on the importance of information literacy as a vital component of lifelong learning
  • Make Lasallian students information literate  by teaching them the essential skills of finding and using the right information in pursuit of academic and research excellence


The IamInfoSMART stands for

I am Information

Seek for the right information

Manage retrieved information effectively

Assess information critically

Refer information sources correctly

Treat and apply information ethically